Delkatla Slough Harbour – Masset BC


Masset haida gwaii boats

© Belinda Perkins

The Delkatla Slough harbour, in (new) Masset BC on Haida Gwaii. After a day of torrential rain, the sun peeked through the clouds just before it began to set. I saw the light change while relaxing in my room a the Cooper Beach House, grabbed my camera and managed to get a few pictures before the weather changed yet again.

Haida Gwaii Moon


© Belinda Perkins

I spent some time sitting on the balcony of my guest house in Queen Charlotte City on Haida Gwaii one evening, under the remnants of a stormy sky. This moon danced in and out of breaks in the clouds, while someone nearby sang beautifully while musicians played. It was a very serene moment.

Arch Cape Sunset


© Belinda Perkins


We’ve been lucky enough to get down to the Oregon coast a couple of times this year. More recently a brief half week stay, but back in January we had a glorious week. A week in a rental home in the lovely community of Arch Cape. We were treated to a sunset just about every night.

Iona Jetty – A lovely place to walk and watch a sunset.


A pretty, and pretty incongruous place to take a nice long scenic walk is the Iona Park jetty in Richmond. Incongruous only that the jetty is in fact and outflow pipe from a sewage treatment facility. Beauty out of something, well, not so beautiful really…but a great walk all the same. Known locally as the poop pipe, you see birds and sea critters and depending on which way the wind is blowing, airplanes taking off or landing at nearby YVR. 


father and son

sunset iona

This is a nice 8KM walk (if you walk the length and back) and a fabulous place to catch a sunset. Keep in mind you have to watch that you’re not too far down the pipe, lest you end up trapped behind a locked gate as the park closes not long after sunset which varies depending on time of year. 

Though not out to take photos on this walk per say, I was glad I had something along with me to take some. The couple below was buzzed by a long flock of birds which whispered by them with a dramatic whoosh of their collective wings in the quiet evening. It was fun to see their reaction.

surprised by birds


Well worth a visit if you’re in the Richmond BC area.

© Belinda Perkins

Fine Feathered Friends


Eagle and crow

© Belinda Perkins

I see a lot of the Kits area, but my husband doesn’t. We fixed that last weekend when we had a surprisingly nice November Sunday afternoon.  We’re talking blue sky with some puffy clouds and temperatures that called for light jackets. Gorgeous. We walked around taking pictures of the blue sky, the puffy clouds and the beautiful fall leaves.

It also brought us an eagle sighting, right up on top of a totem behind the Maritime Museum, right  between Hadden and Vanier parks. It sat there looking all regal, all the while being buzzed by a couple of rather ballsy crows. He all but ignored them, look at them with slight annoyance and a touch of contempt. The crows eventually gave up, retreating to nearby trees with voices raised in mocking tones, but defeated all the same.

The eagle just stared.

eagle stare




© Belinda Perkins

Some recent Instagram pics I’ve taken oot and aboot in Vancouver and surrounding Metro Vancouver area.  Yup, I’ve grown to love the instant access to a camera one has with their cellphone and I’m starting to look at life in a square frame. “Hashtag” addict haha.

Sunset Bike Ride



© Belinda Perkins

Another pic from our recent trip back to our favourite place.

We had a sunset or partial sunset every night we were there, but for me, the most spectacular ones have to involve a few puffy clouds to run a little interference and pick up some of that colour.

Sigh, I really want to go right back.



Come to Mamma

Come to mamma

© Belinda Perkins

We booked a fairly last-minute trip back to Cannon Beach taking advance of the Thanksgiving long weekend and tacking a couple of extra days on.

I loved watching these doggy parents, they were so cute with their dog and I was envious as always. I really truly wish we could have a dog and take it to our favourite place.

The weather the most part was sunny, even this day in the photo above. The clouds were hovering over the hills and trying to touch the ocean, but a few more inches to the right and there was blue sky and sunshine. Voilà!


Eventually the sun won out and drove the clouds away. For a couple of the days we walked bare armed, in OCTOBER, in Cannon Beach! I’m kind of liking this post-summer springlike weather we’ve been having. Hope that doesn’t mean Mother Nature has ideas for payback come winter.

X Marks the Spot


© Belinda Perkins

Good grief, finally a post that isn’t an Instagram pic. Yes, yes, I did actually crack out the big camera this past weekend. We had a bonus nice day on Sunday (humid too!) and we ventured into a forested area in Delta called Watershed Park.  The park is criss-crossed with trails shared by walkers, joggers, bicyclists and horses alike! Well with riders atop them of course.

Watershed park is gorgeous, full of tall trees, soft boggy areas and lots of that lovely dripping moss.  The moss here seems to have either stayed lush despite the warm summer, or has rebounded from the more recent rain. Regardless, it always enchants me.

In my Pocket

© Belinda Perkins

Okay, I know I am totally cheating again by posting Instagrams, but in all honesty I haven’t been hefting my big camera around with me as much lately when we go out on walks. Sometimes I just want to get the exercise without the extra weight a camera brings, especially on a hot and sweaty Summer day. Terrible really considering my camera is so lovely, but darn it, my phone is just so handy and small!