© Belinda Perkins

You know the saying: “the best camera, is the one you have with you.”

How true.

I’m late to the party when it comes to having a cellphone with a half-decent camera; for years I carried a Blackberry which would, in a pinch, allow me to capture a grainy moment. I generally always had another camera stashed in my purse (assuming I’m carrying it), something pocket-sized of course, on days where I wasn’t specifically heading out to take pictures.

Lately though I’ve been pulling out my cellphone more and more, sometimes even when I have my big camera, as I call my Nikon. Part of the reason, is the ability to instantly share, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (I’m a new convert there too), as well as the ease of just flipping up the login screen of my iPhone, framing, and snapping something without giving the settings too much thought. It can be quite liberating sometimes, only to concentrate on the composition of a photo. Given the tools available to do quick edits if necessary (or not), it is a fun way to capture those little moments in life.

My cell will never replace my big camera, or the pocket one for that matter, but I have a new appreciation for it now.

If you’re on Instagram give me a follow  and let me know your ID, I’m always looking for new people with cool photos to follow.

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