Banded Galloway

© Belinda Perkins

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about cows, but I had no idea cows like this existed. I’m used to the standard Holstein or Jersey cow variety, so when we ran into a small herd of, well, striped cows yesterday we didn’t think it was natural at first. Before seeing them up-close, my husband wondered aloud if perhaps they’d been coloured as a type of ID rather than branding. Of course the idea of dyeing cows seemed a bit silly, but from a distance, it appeared these cows were almost frankencows, put together with two parts brown cow and one part white cow.

I now know they are called Banded Galloway cows (thank you internet!) which originate from Scotland, home of my other favourite cow: the highland coo. We sat and watched these fuzzy adorable cows munching their vivid green grass (yeah it really was that green/gold in the sunlight) for a few minutes, hoping that they’d lift their heads enough to grab a picture or two.  I was hoping to get a lot closer to them, but they chose to wander away from the fence just as we started over towards it. I tried mooing to catch their attention, but still no luck. Boo! Still, they sure were cute even from a distance.

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