Fine Feathered Friends


Eagle and crow

© Belinda Perkins

I see a lot of the Kits area, but my husband doesn’t. We fixed that last weekend when we had a surprisingly nice November Sunday afternoon.  We’re talking blue sky with some puffy clouds and temperatures that called for light jackets. Gorgeous. We walked around taking pictures of the blue sky, the puffy clouds and the beautiful fall leaves.

It also brought us an eagle sighting, right up on top of a totem behind the Maritime Museum, right  between Hadden and Vanier parks. It sat there looking all regal, all the while being buzzed by a couple of rather ballsy crows. He all but ignored them, look at them with slight annoyance and a touch of contempt. The crows eventually gave up, retreating to nearby trees with voices raised in mocking tones, but defeated all the same.

The eagle just stared.

eagle stare



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