Iona Jetty – A lovely place to walk and watch a sunset.


A pretty, and pretty incongruous place to take a nice long scenic walk is the Iona Park jetty in Richmond. Incongruous only that the jetty is in fact and outflow pipe from a sewage treatment facility. Beauty out of something, well, not so beautiful really…but a great walk all the same. Known locally as the poop pipe, you see birds and sea critters and depending on which way the wind is blowing, airplanes taking off or landing at nearby YVR. 


father and son

sunset iona

This is a nice 8KM walk (if you walk the length and back) and a fabulous place to catch a sunset. Keep in mind you have to watch that you’re not too far down the pipe, lest you end up trapped behind a locked gate as the park closes not long after sunset which varies depending on time of year. 

Though not out to take photos on this walk per say, I was glad I had something along with me to take some. The couple below was buzzed by a long flock of birds which whispered by them with a dramatic whoosh of their collective wings in the quiet evening. It was fun to see their reaction.

surprised by birds


Well worth a visit if you’re in the Richmond BC area.

© Belinda Perkins

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