Come to Mamma

Come to mamma

© Belinda Perkins

We booked a fairly last-minute trip back to Cannon Beach taking advance of the Thanksgiving long weekend and tacking a couple of extra days on.

I loved watching these doggy parents, they were so cute with their dog and I was envious as always. I really truly wish we could have a dog and take it to our favourite place.

The weather the most part was sunny, even this day in the photo above. The clouds were hovering over the hills and trying to touch the ocean, but a few more inches to the right and there was blue sky and sunshine. Voilà!


Eventually the sun won out and drove the clouds away. For a couple of the days we walked bare armed, in OCTOBER, in Cannon Beach! I’m kind of liking this post-summer springlike weather we’ve been having. Hope that doesn’t mean Mother Nature has ideas for payback come winter.

X Marks the Spot


© Belinda Perkins

Good grief, finally a post that isn’t an Instagram pic. Yes, yes, I did actually crack out the big camera this past weekend. We had a bonus nice day on Sunday (humid too!) and we ventured into a forested area in Delta called Watershed Park.  The park is criss-crossed with trails shared by walkers, joggers, bicyclists and horses alike! Well with riders atop them of course.

Watershed park is gorgeous, full of tall trees, soft boggy areas and lots of that lovely dripping moss.  The moss here seems to have either stayed lush despite the warm summer, or has rebounded from the more recent rain. Regardless, it always enchants me.

In my Pocket

© Belinda Perkins

Okay, I know I am totally cheating again by posting Instagrams, but in all honesty I haven’t been hefting my big camera around with me as much lately when we go out on walks. Sometimes I just want to get the exercise without the extra weight a camera brings, especially on a hot and sweaty Summer day. Terrible really considering my camera is so lovely, but darn it, my phone is just so handy and small!

Might As Well Jump


© Belinda Perkins


© Belinda Perkins


© Belinda Perkins

Between Seattle Center and the Key Area is the Seattle Center Skate Park. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some of the more advanced skateboarders putting on a little show for the crowd. On this particular day, the skaters were jumping over a chair, then decided to give themselves a bit more of a challenge. Lots of fun to watch!

Before the Sun



moody cannon beach© Belinda Perkins

Even on a cloudy, misty, moody day, there is beauty in Cannon Beach. Can I say how much I wish I could live there?

Reflections at Play

reflections of the beach

© Belinda Perkins

From a recent trip back to my very favourite place to be: Cannon Beach. I left my “big camera” behind again as the weather was forecasted to be unpredictable and I didn’t want to bring it along just to leave it in the room, plus I recently won a new camera in a photo contest which I wanted to give a spin. This shot however, wasn’t taken with that new camera, I took with my reliable old Canon Elph pocket camera.  I like it because of the family obviously enjoying themselves frolicking on the beach, as well as how their strong reflections appear in the wet sand.


Banded Galloway

© Belinda Perkins

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about cows, but I had no idea cows like this existed. I’m used to the standard Holstein or Jersey cow variety, so when we ran into a small herd of, well, striped cows yesterday we didn’t think it was natural at first. Before seeing them up-close, my husband wondered aloud if perhaps they’d been coloured as a type of ID rather than branding. Of course the idea of dyeing cows seemed a bit silly, but from a distance, it appeared these cows were almost frankencows, put together with two parts brown cow and one part white cow.

I now know they are called Banded Galloway cows (thank you internet!) which originate from Scotland, home of my other favourite cow: the highland coo. We sat and watched these fuzzy adorable cows munching their vivid green grass (yeah it really was that green/gold in the sunlight) for a few minutes, hoping that they’d lift their heads enough to grab a picture or two.  I was hoping to get a lot closer to them, but they chose to wander away from the fence just as we started over towards it. I tried mooing to catch their attention, but still no luck. Boo! Still, they sure were cute even from a distance.