© Belinda Perkins

You know the saying: “the best camera, is the one you have with you.”

How true.

I’m late to the party when it comes to having a cellphone with a half-decent camera; for years I carried a Blackberry which would, in a pinch, allow me to capture a grainy moment. I generally always had another camera stashed in my purse (assuming I’m carrying it), something pocket-sized of course, on days where I wasn’t specifically heading out to take pictures.

Lately though I’ve been pulling out my cellphone more and more, sometimes even when I have my big camera, as I call my Nikon. Part of the reason, is the ability to instantly share, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (I’m a new convert there too), as well as the ease of just flipping up the login screen of my iPhone, framing, and snapping something without giving the settings too much thought. It can be quite liberating sometimes, only to concentrate on the composition of a photo. Given the tools available to do quick edits if necessary (or not), it is a fun way to capture those little moments in life.

My cell will never replace my big camera, or the pocket one for that matter, but I have a new appreciation for it now.

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A Bird in the Hand





© Belinda Perkins

This past Winter my husband and I earned the eternal (okay maybe temporary)  gratitude of a local park’s Chickadee population. While the weather wasn’t particularly harsh, it is still a lot of work for those busy little birds to keep up their body weight. We spent many weekends touring the park, our pockets bursting with unsalted nuts (their faves), sunflower, and oil sunflower seeds. They would land in your hand, pick fussily at the seeds until the found just the right one,and then fly off to hide it. Then repeat.  Highly entertaining to watch and experience, even more fun to show the passing children just how to do it. To one little girl I pointed out that she  was just like Cinderalla with her bird friends. She was enchanted.

Watch the Music

fountain spray (2)

© Belinda Perkins

From a recent trip to Seattle. The International Fountain at Seattle Center is a favourite area for locals and tourist alike, to sit, listen to some music, and watch the play of the fountain’s waters which accompanies it.

Frosted Forest

frosted forest

© Belinda Perkins

Another photo from one of our many walks, this one with a touch of frost on the ground. I can’t wait for the colours of Spring to show their faces, but there is still such a deep, rich beauty in the many shades of green found in a Winter forest, especially with a touch of fog.

Foggy Lake

foggy bridge

© Belinda Perkins

The fog continued to hang around for a few more days. It was looking so pretty and moody I had to stop and grab a few shots with the old ‘point-and-shoot’ I keep in my purse for just this reason. It isn’t always practical to carry the big camera around, but I hate to miss a shot.

Sunlight and Fog

light and fog

© Belinda Perkins

Many parts of Metro Vancouver have been shrouded in fog for days, blocking out the promised sun. Yesterday, while walking in a local park, the sun managed to poke its way through by mid-afternoon. The waning sun slanting through the trees highlighted the remaining wisps of fog. It was absolutely beautiful.


Santa Cruz Snuggling Sea Lions (1 of 1)

© Belinda Perkins

I captured this charming pair of snuggling Sea Lions on a floating dock just below the Santa Cruz wharf. They were like an oasis of calm among the dozens of other Sea Lions who were jockeying for sleeping space.